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Turkish Personal Data Protection Law No.6698

As Koray Gayrimenkul ve Yatırım A. Ş. (“Company”), we understand the importance of processing and restoring your data incompliance with the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“ the Law”). We would like to inform you about our methods and purposes of collection, processing, transferring your personal data and your rights derives from the Law.


1. The Method of Collecting Personal Data and Legal Reason

Your personal data is collected in oral, written or electronical formats for the purposes of Kasaba Project by either Company, natural or legal persons acting on the behalf of Company. Your collected personal data can be processed in conformity with processing conditions and purposes indicated in the 5th and 6th articles of the Law.


2. Processing Personal Data and Purposes

Your personal data is processed for Company’s Kasaba Project’s for the purposes of promotion, campaign or giving an information which you are requested from us about the project.


Company will act as data processor following your permission within the legal boundaries of articles 5.2 and 6.3 of the Law numbered 6698. In this context, your personal data can be possessed completely or partly, stored, recorded, amended, updated, checked periodically, re-organized, categorized and preserved. The processed data can be preserved for necessary period of time to process it, legal periods, customary practice periods or till the certain termination of project.

It should be noted that Company is processing your data in a good faith and with compliance with the law. Your data is preserved accurately, updated and if needed it used for particular, explicit and legitimate purposes. The personal data processed related to projects is stored in legal periods or till the end of certain termination of project. Your personal data, unless otherwise stated in the Law, will be stored if there is a existing valid cause and aim; customary practice or till the certain termination of project. If the aim and cause of processing disappears the data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized.


3. Your Personal Data that is Processed

As stated above Company stores and processes some of your date. In this regard Company may processes some data as followings:


1. Name and Surname,

2. Job,

3. E-mail Address,

4. Phone Number (mobile, home, work),

5. Address,

6. The city which you are working,


4. Rights of the Owner of The Personal Data

According to 11th article of the Law person that is the owner of the personal data has right to;


• Know if data is processed or not,

• Request information if data is processed,

• Know processing aims and if they are fulfilled or not,

• Know if the data is transferred to third parties both abroad and inside the country,

• Request correction and notice to third parties If the data is processed imperfect or faulty,

• Request deletion or destruction of the data even it is processed in accordance with the law if the cause of process disappears,

• Object negative consequences of processing data by only automatic systems,

• Claim compensation if the data is processed in violation of the Law.


You can contact to Koray Gayrimenkul ve Yatırım A. Ş. if you would like to use one the rights mentioned above. You may find the contact information below. If data owner claims, Koray Gayrimenkul ve Yatırım A. Ş. will fulfil the requirements related to article 11 of the Law.


You may contact us, If you have any remark, suggestion or request.


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